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“Just Put Your Money In That Box”

“Just Put Your Money In That Box”

One day in November a kind neighbor brought several bags of sweet potatoes to our home. He sat for a moment to provide a tale of trust that would exceed any nutrition flowing from the potatoes. Our gift bearing neighbor was returning to Lafayette from his childhood... read more
Viewing Keystone Pipeline From Canada

Viewing Keystone Pipeline From Canada

Having broken another spending record in the 2014 midterm elections, political observers feel justified in describing our system as a certified “plutocracy” in which elected officials become marionettes of big corporations that pour millions into their campaigns. TV... read more


If grace surrounds us
We can never turn our backs*
On our God of Love

*A woman walked backwards out of St. John’s Cathedral, Lafayette, LA on 30th January, 2001, obviously not wanting to turn her back to the tabernacle and altar of the church.

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