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Cadillac Deserts Are Gaining Our Attention

Marc Reisner wrote Cadillac Desert to enlighten all of us on how water was stolen from the Owens Valley in the northern part of California, and then sent by pipe to the southern desert area of the state to give rise to Los Angeles and turn the state into one of the...

Plastic Is Overwhelming Our Ocean

The mysterious disappearance of a Malaysian air liner brought vessels and planes into thousands of hours searching in vain for a plane that simply vanished. For one month the mystery remains unsolved, leaving mourning relatives without closure. Those who searched vast...

Children Deserve Better Than 40 Year Learning Curves

One security minded medical nurse/social worker in Hong Kong asked me to escort her into a less-than-safe housing area of Kowloon, in order to bring nourishing food to a malnourished mother who could not carry a child nine months in her womb. The year was 1972. After...

Heat Records Are Not Computer Projections

Yes, there is still a Flat Earth Society in 2014, and some might admit to being members. Google Earth provides another picture of a very round planet contour 24,000 miles in diameter. Don Easterbrook, a geology professor at Western Washington University claims Earth...

History Will Plant Seeds

The ADVERTISER cartoon (July 19) begs for a review of history. “Forget Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, just say your name is Elian and you’re from Cuba.” *Guatemala: The elected government of Jacobo Arbenz was overthrown in 1954 by the US/CIA (called “La CIA”)...


We will continue
Struggling to protect besieged
Earth for children

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