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“One Does What One Can”

“One Does What One Can”

Perhaps it was Aesop (620-564BCE) a Greek master of fables who authored the “Source unknown” story of a little sparrow lying on its back with tiny feet pointed upward because of fear that the sky was falling. A rider on his horse spotted the prone bird and asked why... read more
Earth Too Might Have A “Kodak Moment”

Earth Too Might Have A “Kodak Moment”

During eight years (2000-2008) as chaplain of the “gated community” known as Lafayette Parish Correctional Center (LPCC) I’d seen over 1000 residents per month passed through the facility. One Canadian visitor “Rene,” fled our northern neighbor to find some solace in... read more


While we roam in space
From whence save Earth do we find
Our medications?*

*Over fifty percent of our prescription medications come from the natural world. Rain forests now vanishing at a football field per second are the most abundant source.

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