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Utah Is Facing Invasion While KXL Get...

Utah Tar Sands
Bold Nebraska is a strong coalition of ranchers that joined numerous groups of Native Americans who have been opposing exploitation of Alberta, Canada land as large as Louisiana to prevent tar sands oil from being sent to Port Arthur, Texas, Wood River and Patoka, Illinois for refining. The struggle has lasted five years, infuriating those wh [...]

The Next Decade May Be Our Most Signi...

Dr. Sylvia A. Earle, PhD is known as “Her Deepness” for having spent long hours in a submersible to explore the depths of our ocean. After she descended to the bottom of our ocean on several occasions, Dr. Earle (1935 -   ) was shocked to discover the ocean floor is littered with plastic. She is Explorer-in-Residence for the NATIONAL GEOGRAPH [...]

How We Are Transforming Our Ocean

The respected oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, warned decades ago, “Humans now have the capacity to ruin the entire ocean.” He had visions of vessels carrying oil colliding in a dark night or a vessel loaded with oil being torn asunder by encountering an iceberg the size of Manhattan where Wall Street financiers in New York City hold court in [...]

Thinking Outside a Pipeline

Pipeline and Caribou
Keystone XL (KXL) pipeline has been a subject of debate, discussion, and research papers for five years. Over half of 535 US Legislators are known to be millionaires, as the public record indicates, who are relatively satisfied with the existing economic inequality in our world where less than one percent (1%) of the people control more wealt [...]

What is Our Role in Life?

When William Butler Yeats (1865 – 1939), the Dublin-born poet was walking through a rural Irish community, he discovered he was lost. Lacking a GPS, Yeats simply asked the first resident of a small town for directions. As citizens of compact villages are likely to do, several people hastened to the poet’s aid and offered directions. Before st [...]

Keystone Pipeline is Earth’s DE...

Map of DEW
Distant Early Warning (DEW) line was a system of radar stations set up on the 70th parallel on the far Canadian Arctic region of North America. The line of sophisticated radar was intended as a “trip wire” in the event of a Soviet attack during MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) decades of the Cold War. Fortunately, we escaped from those precar [...]


When our frogs and Chickens disappear Is there much time to tarry here?

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