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Where Have All Her Classmates Gone?

When Eunice Blanchard Hebert (August 27, 1907 – September 27, 2014) was buried on October 1st, Fr. Jody Simoneaux gave a warm eulogy for her in St. John’s church of Jeanerette, LA where Mrs. Hebert spent her century and seven years of life. In his farewell message Fr....

Why Would One Pilot Wear An Eye Patch?

During eighteen months at the University of Hawaii preparing to teach English in China by means of a course called English as a Second Language (ESL) I learned more about the nuclear tight wire upon which we all live. One evening in 1980 a military officer in Honolulu...

Cadillac Deserts Are Gaining Our Attention

Marc Reisner wrote Cadillac Desert to enlighten all of us on how water was stolen from the Owens Valley in the northern part of California, and then sent by pipe to the southern desert area of the state to give rise to Los Angeles and turn the state into one of the...


Upon departing*
We assure all our loved ones
“I shall love you more”

*In every “Goodbye” – including the final one.

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