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Hostages In Hells Bottom

Hostages In Hells Bottom

The Berrigan brothers were prophetic leaders in the peace momentum. They followed an example of Gandhi, who read Jesus’ Beatitudes (Matthew V or Luke VI) every day. Like the uncertain number of arrests that their peace movement has endured, similarly could the Berrigans not enumerate their Pentagon visits.

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Leaving our nation
Is much easier than just
Making it better*

*During the years of US aggression in Nicaragua and other nations I sought to flee to Costa Rica. $600 monthly income required by the Costa Rican government at that time obfuscated my plan. Cuban Catholic bishops prevented me from teaching English in an ecumenical seminary in Matanzas, Cuba. In 2013 as possible US aggression abroad peaks, my urge to flee has returned. Since 1963 our government has attacked another small nation every 4…

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