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Heat Records Are Not Computer Projections

Yes, there is still a Flat Earth Society in 2014, and some might admit to being members. Google Earth provides another picture of a very round planet contour 24,000 miles in diameter. Don Easterbrook, a geology professor at Western Washington University claims Earth...

History Will Plant Seeds

The ADVERTISER cartoon (July 19) begs for a review of history. “Forget Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, just say your name is Elian and you’re from Cuba.” *Guatemala: The elected government of Jacobo Arbenz was overthrown in 1954 by the US/CIA (called “La CIA”)...

Ocean Is Dying To Tell Us Something

Strong evidence of a warming planet as presented recently in the USA TODAY section is not likely to gain the attention of contrarians in denial about what is occurring on our watch. Perhaps strong words spoken in July by Pope Francis about our treatment/neglect of...

Are ULL Students Being Prepared For The Inevitable?

During nearly twenty years in Lafayette I phoned 482-6340 at ULL to hear “Hi, This is Dr. Griff Blakewood in the Department of Renewable Resources. Please leave a message.” My calls were returned faithfully. After a lengthy struggle with cancer countless friends and...

Conscience Is Stirring Among Government Servants

Novelist Bernard Malamud wrote, “Conscience and conscience alone will turn the world upside down.” Richard Clarke, a former security czar under presidents Clinton and George Bush, Jr. is the most recent government servant to say, “Up with this I will not put,” and...

Seven Elements

A friend in her 90’s told me of former BP CEO Sir John Browne’s book, Seven Elements That Changed the World. Those elements are: *Iron *Carbon *Gold *Silver  *Uranium *Titanium *Silicon (found in Earth’s crust) Having read the latest publication of Climate Assessment...


Even nostrils share
Daily assignments keeping
Our lives on schedule*

*One nostril rests while the other inhales smoothly 24/7

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